Patient Centered Dental Care

Orthodontics (braces) treatment has long been related to uneasy cosmetic treatment procedure. Most often, the question :"What is going to happen to me?" always arise in one's mind before commitment to treatment.

Therefore, in recognizing the need to allay our patient's anxiety towards orthodontic treatment, we practice "Patient-Centered Orthodontic Care" approach:

  • Share knowledge in diagnosis and orthodontic treatment plan with patient.

  • Causes of malocclusion and ways to correct it will be explained by the orthodontist for patient's understanding, cooperation and commitment in treatment.

  • Share responsibility and knowledge in general and specific dental health throughout the entire orthodontic treatment between orthodontist and patient.

  • Orthodontic treatment requires good cooperation from the patient in every aspect to ensure a favorable treatment outcome. eg maintaining good oral hygiene, keeping to scheduled appointments, wearing various facial and oral appliances as instructed by the orthodontist and others.

  • Address patient's main concern and provide individualized treatment plan.

  • Decision making by the patient in treatment options with the orthodontist providing professional views, advices and guidance.